MYR - Kjetil Raustøl
Ski - Norway


Instrumental music is often described in terms of the landscapes it conjures. In Raustøl's case, that connection is quite deliberate. A denizen of Norway and former resident of Bangladesh and Ireland, this multi-instrumentalist speaks of how his blissful, jazzy melodies are formed as a reflection of these distinct and vibrant 'terroirs.'


BA - IT: Web, databases, programming, systemdevelopment. University of Bergen
MA - Ethnomusicology, University of Limerick, Ireland
BA - English, Anthropology, South-Asia area study - University of Oslo, Norway


Music education


Incredibly beautiful
This is incredibly beautiful. There really isn't much more I can say to describe this. It begins much like a David Sylvian track and almost reaches the border of the Kenny G wasteland but then retreats, the saxophone solo playing remaining in good taste throughout the track. This artist or combo pay a lot of attention to the inclusion of silence and sparsity in their music. It adds a lot to this track.
Reviewed by: marchingband from Rehovot, Israel

This will take you to another world!
i love the intro. wicked mood created. i'm in a dark cave with herd of buffalo blocking the entrance. now its more relaxing, soothing. the desert at night. love the sax. its refreshing, innovative, different. the percussion is just right. the guitar adds a nice rhythmic touch. what a mood you guys create! amazing. took me out on an adventure of crazy desert scapes and wind blowing through the grass. great job
Reviewed by: Shaw_Wychwood

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