If you're feeling the weight of the world,
this kind of music says, "I hear you, brother."
Review by R. Barwick
All music and production by Kjetil Raustøl. Copyright©MYR, Kjetil Raustøl.
Kjetil Raustol: alto saxophone (Yanagisawa 990), acoustic guitars (Washburn D-43, Richwood 314CE, Takamine EF-385, classical), bass (Epiphone), percussion (bongo-drums, rain-instrument), electric-guitar (Fender Stratocaster) and bamboo flute (from Bangladesh). Everything is recorded on a Korg D-8, with Focusrite preamp, and ADK A-51.


Blue Falls, MYR001

A Quiet Morning, MYR002

Inner Landscape, MYR003

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